What Are My Booking Options?

Expedia is well-known for providing their customers with access to discounted flights. What some fail to realize is that the company offers much more than only flights. The following information provides details about the other elements of travel that can be booked through the Expedia website, along with details about alternate methods of travel that can be arranged online or by phone.

Among the more popular combinations is the flight plus hotel booking. For many, the entire trip planning task is taken care of once these two things have been secured. Expedia does allow site visitors to search for the lowest rates on these two travel elements together, as one. Car rental, which is also offered on the site, can also be added into the search to create a complete package deal. Simply select the Flight + HotelĀ  + Car option in the search box, or contact Expedia and tell the agent what you need to be presented with all of the available options.

Cruises are another travel option that can be reserved through Expedia. These too can be searched for and booked online. To search online, simply select a destination and a date to see what the available options are. If you do not see what you’re looking for, or are interested in learning about last minute deals, call Expedia customer support. Agents can search through the system to see if the arrangements that you desire are available. They can also tell you if there are any last minute deals available for any of the aspects of your travel needs.

If you have already locked in your travel arrangements and have moved on to planning what to do while on holiday, Expedia is there to help. Using the ‘Things To Do’ search online, you will be presented with many different options. Sightseeing, dining, theme parks, private tours, attractions and more will be shown, when available. Many of these can be booked online in advance of traveling, saving you time and often saving you money as well. Expedia support team members can help you to make these purchases if need be.

Complete vacations are also an option. These can be selected from pre-set packages that are available, or can be customized by an Expedia customer service agent on your behalf. If you know where you would like to travel to, and would prefer to have someone else handle the search portion of the booking process, Expedia can help. Simply provide a bit of information about what you had in mind with regards to your ideal holiday, and then you will be presented with the available options. Once travel arrangements have been taken care of, trip management can take place online, including printing boarding passes, online check-in, and more.